About Dave

Dave Stone has been working as a professional animator / illustrator for over 15 years, and over the last few years has been specialising in Whiteboard Animation.

Dave originally started his career working in various Animation Studios in the UK, and for a short time worked for a couple of studios in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

He began as a character animator and designer, and over the years has worked in just about every department from storyboarding all the way to through to post-production editing.

Dave has written over 100 scripts for television, and has even developed properties for companies as well as creating some of his own TV shows that have gone into production and sold around the world.

Dave’s multi-skilled career in animation and writing, coupled with his cheery “can do” attitude gives him a unique skill-set for working on Whiteboard Explainer Videos, and to date he’s completed over 40 videos of various lengths and styles for companies large and small.

If you would like more information, or if you have any questions, contact Dave